Bluetooth modules

We are proud to offer BT0001 size 15x18 mm Bluetooth 4 module for our Penpower and Scanpen use. We recommend our clients suitable Bluetooth modules concerning to price , function and application. Bluetooth Module 3.0 can be applied to kinds of electronic information products such as household equipment and apparatus (medical equipment). There are 2 wireless modes in Bluetooth 4.0: Basic Rate(BR/EDR)and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). Different from BR/EDR (traditional Bluetooth) and Bluetooth 3.0, BLE is used to transfer little data rather than audio and massive data. In order to keep consuming low power, it simplified hand-in hand protocol and shortened awaking time. In short time and little data transportation, it only consumes a little power of traditional Bluetooth. our BLE module used the TI chip and support BLE mode. It can be used in various sensitive occasions, such as
  • Health care product (heart rate, pulse, etc.)
  • Motion wireless sensor (passometer, etc)
  • Digital product
  • Mobile phone wireless accessory
  • Wireless-Control-Port device (Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, controller, etc.)
  • Wireless Alerter (Bluetooth anti-lost)

Most used Bluetooth modules
Examples of our custom made Bluetooth modules - for more detail information please contact us directly
Module Name BT0001 BT0002P BT0003
  CC2541 CC2540 CSR1010
Wireless property Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Module Certification
FCC, NCC Pending Pending
Antenna                 PCB Antenna PCB Antenna IPEX
Memory Embedded Embedded Embedded
USB N USB 2.0 Device N
RJ45 N N N
RS232 Y Y Y
Module Size 18x15mm 37x14mm 12x12mm
Shading cover Y Y Y
FW Upgrade Y Y Y
Internet pass through N N N
Status MP ES ES

Example of Consumer products with Bluetooth modules
Word scanner pen