Our Modules - overview

Qi Charging Modules

We supply wireless charging modules based on inductive power transfer technology. Qi wireless charging is becoming the new charging standard for mobiles phones and mobile devices. Qi charging stations are becoming part of our daily live not only at home and public places such as airpots, but Qi technology is increasing also in industrial applications.

Wi-Fi modules

The world of enterprise Wi-Fi moves fast, but 2018 is going to see gear based on 802.11ac Wave 2 remain the state of the art – its successor, 802.11ax, is still one for the future.

Power Modules

We specialize in custom design Power Modules according to customer request. Our expertise lies with small size, high power modules – e.g. currently produced PM0005M2 which 41 x 46 mm and 100V ~ 250V AC to 5V/5A DC. We are capable to support customer from initial design up to supply of complete, custom Power module.

Bluetooth module

Bluetooth Module 3.0 can be applied to kinds of electronic information products such as household equipment and apparatus (medical equipment). There are 2 wireless modes in Bluetooth 4.0: Basic Rate(BR/EDR)and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). Different from BR/EDR (traditional Bluetooth) and Bluetooth 3.0, BLE is used to transfer little data rather than audio and massive data.

Storage modules

Many companies now realize they have an untapped resource in their backup datastores. Backup data is often the most complete collection of corporate data.