Power modules

Hyper-converged storage systems are preconfigured and integrated clusters of servers that share their internal storage. They boast convenience and flexibility, allowing rapid deployment of applications like databases and virtual desktop infrastructure. Hyper-converged bundles have limitations, however, such as scalability and the fact that they’re closed, siloed systems. Many companies now realize they have an untapped resource in their backup datastores. Backup data is often the most complete collection of corporate data. Backup vendors and others are now developing tools to access and use that data, turning what was once just insurance against disaster into a strategic corporate asset. Flash storage equals performance, and to squeeze out the ultimate IOPS, it should be installed directly in the server. We describe the alternatives, weighing their effectiveness and making use-case recommendations.

Example of Consumer products with Wi-Fi modules
Porthole Qi wireless induction charger
In desk Power, data & USB charger
Porthole Power and USB charger
On desk twin port USB charger

Example of our custom made Power modules

Module Name PM0001A PM0002A PM0002B PM0002M PM0002MC PM0002M2 PM0005M2 WC0001 WC0001A
Property AC to DC AC to DC AC to DC AC to DC AC to DC AC to DC AC to DC DC to qi DC to qi
AC 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V 100V ~ 250V None None
DC 5V/1A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/2A 5V/5A 5V input 5V input
Output 2 wire USB A type USB A type USB A type TypeC USB A type*2 USB A type*2 qi 5W TX qi 5W TX
Faster Charger N N Y Y Y Y Y N N
BV 1.2 N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
QC 3.0 N N N N N N N N N
Module Size 54x32 mm 41x34 mm 41x34 mm 41x34 mm 41x34 mm 41x34 mm 41x46 mm 67x53 mm 52x52 mm
Module Certification Pending CE CE CB, CE, UL CB, CE, UL Applying Applying Appllying Applying