Procurement & Supplier Management

Our procurement team allows our clients to benefit immediately from our experienced procurement specialists, support and expertise.
Appote has an Procurement Office in Taiwan focusing on local Chinese speaking market
We are focused on Electronic, Machinery and Plastic injection industry we can help you to select qualified manufacture with the optimum price x performance ratio. Our strength lies with good knowledge of above mentioned industries and suppliers combined with our understanding of local market specifics, culture and language.
Our knowledge and actual working experience can offer even small or middle size clients various solutions to taking actions in cutting down cost and maintain sufficient quality to success in the market competition.

Procurement & Logistics

Leveraging our knowledge of Chinese speaking Market we can help you to execute Procurement and Logistics activities in Taiwan and China and add value to your Supply Chain by:
  • represent you and following your Sourcing processes on your behalf in local market
  • bring Supply Chain efficiency and Cost competitiveness to your organization
  • propose Competative alternatives to existing materials/products/solutinos/suppliers
  • develop local suppliers to match your requirements
  • support and monitor local purchasing and logistic activities to ensure efficiency
Typical taks usually cover:
  • Market studies
  • Supplier identification
  • Rfx
  • Supplier audit and qualifications
  • Product qualification
  • Participation in contract negotiation
  • Quality assurance support
  • Logistics management support

Strategic sourcing - Supplier selection

Supplier selection process appears to be the most significant variable as it helps in achieving high quality products and customer satisfaction. The selection process plays an important role in reducing the cost and time to market and also improves the quality of the products.
We can help you to with the supplier selection process and tailor this to your specific needs to ensure adequate quality, supply on time while minimizing the costs of procurement. Our typical process covers:
  • Collect and prioritize business (financial strenght, IT requirements, Locations, Production capabilities, etc.) and product/technical requirement (Production Technology, Quality Processes and Control, Capacity Utilization,..)
  • Define Sourcing strategy (e.g. single sourcing, dual sourcing, multi sourcing, mix sourcing)
  • Agree evaluation criteria and it's weight
  • Identification of potential suppliers (using our experience and Third Party Informations - e.g. Industry groups
  • Execute supplier RFx package followed by Shortlist of potential suppliers
  • Final evaluation (e.g. Plant tour, Process Audit, Product evaluation...)
  • Final Recomendations
Once Supplier is selected we are ready to help you to ensure your Procurement guidelines are being followed and support through the whole Supplier Management life-cycle process (e.g. Quality claims, Cost reduction plans, etc.)

Build Efficiency and Save Money

Building an internal procurement team takes time to staff and train. Our team can help clients who:

  • Small or middle enterprise --> no internal competency
  • Big enterprise --> want to outsource Procurement services or do not have strong penetration in Chinese speaking market
  • Any size --> need immediate Procurement coverage in Chinese speaking market

Supply Chain Planning

We understand the risks of dealing with multiple vendors and possible disruptions to the Supply Chain. By detail understanding of manufacturing capabilities of our partners we focus on elimination any supply disruptions through transparent planning.

The causes of non-quality

To effectively address the quality conundrums, it is necessary to understand its root causes. We understand how manufacturers in Taiwan and China operates, and we are bridging the gap between your requirements and typical manufacture root causes.

Procurement & Logistics

Leveraging our knowledge of Chinese speaking Market we can help you to execute Procurement Logistic activities in Taiwan and China and add value to your Supply Chain by reducing the costs, time to market while ensuring quality meets required criteria.